Preprints for most of my publications can be found on my arxiv page. I have a google scholar profile and my ORCID is 0000-0002-4571-0116.

Peer-reviewed publications
PhD and master’s thesis
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Peer-reviewed publications


  • P. R. Wiecha, A. Lecestre, N. Mallet, and G. Larrieu.
    Pushing the limits of optical information storage using deep learning
    (submitted) (arXiv:1805.03468)

  • C. Girard, P. R. Wiecha, A. Cuche, and E. Dujardin.
    Designing Thermoplasmonic Properties of Metallic Metasurfaces
    (submitted) (arXiv:1804.01111)

  • P. R. Wiecha
    pyGDM - A python toolkit for full-field electro-dynamical simulations and evolutionary optimization of nanostructures
    (submitted) (arXiv:1802.04071)

  • P. R. Wiecha, C. Majorel, C. Girard, A. Arbouet, B. Masenelli, O. Boisron, A. Lecestre, G. Larrieu, V. Paillard, and A. Cuche.
    Simultaneous mapping of the electric and magnetic photonic local density of states above dielectric nanostructures using rare-earth doped films
    (submitted) (arXiv:1801.09690)

  • P. R. Wiecha, C. Girard, A. Cuche, V. Paillard, and A. Arbouet.
    Decay Rate of Magnetic Dipoles near Non-magnetic Nanostructures
    Physical Review B 97 (February 2018). P. 085411 (arXiv:1707.07006)






PhD Thesis, Master’s Thesis

Other publications