My main research interest lies on the interaction of light with subwavelength small structures.

I currently hold a DFG research fellowship on which I work with Prof. Otto Muskens, head of the integrated nano-photonics group at the University of Southampton. My current research is mainly focused on applications of artificial intelligence in nano-optics and photonics.

Until end of 2018, I was postdoc at CEMES-CNRS with Dr. Aurélien Cuche and Dr. Christian Girard. I obtained my PhD in 2016 at the Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse under the supervision of Prof. Vincent Paillard and Dr. Arnaud Arbouet. I studied physics at the Technical University of Munich in Germany, where I wrote my Diploma thesis at the Walter Schottky Institute in the group of Prof. Markus-Christian Amann.

Please have a look at my publication list to find out more about my research.