My main research interest lies on the interaction of light with subwavelength small structures.

I am currently working on a DFG research fellowship in the integrated nano-photonics group at University of Southampton under the supervison of Prof. Otto Muskens. My research is focused on applications of artificial intelligence in nano-optics and photonics. Until November 2018, I did a postdoc at CEMES-CNRS, under the supervision of Dr. Aurélien Cuche and Dr. Christian Girard and obtained my PhD in 2016 at the Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse under the supervision of Prof. Vincent Paillard and Dr. Arnaud Arbouet. Before moving to Toulouse, I studied physics at the Technical University of Munich in Germany, where I wrote my Diploma thesis at the Walter Schottky Institute.

Please have also a look at my publication list.


A python toolkit for electro-dynamical simulations

pyGDM is a python toolkit for simple and rapid electro-dynamical simulations of photonic nanostructures. If you are interested, have a look at the paper or try some of the tutorials and examples from the online documentation. You can clone the package from gitlab or download it from pypi (install via $ pip install pygdm2).

Note: V1.0.6 now compatible with python 2 and python 3